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4F KUA’AINA (Hawaiian Hamburgers)

OPEN 11:00~23:00
(L.O.22:00/Drink L.O.22:30)
TEL 045-450-7202
The main store is at the north shore of Oahu Island.
You can enjoy the hamburger and sandwiches that are loved by the locals for over 30 years in this restaurant full of the simple and bright Hawaiian atmosphere.
After ordering, if you have one bite of the hamburger grilled thoroughly and carefully on the lava stone plate, you will change your idea of hamburger = fast food.
We also have set menu for both lunch and dinner.

In KUA’AINA, you can have ‘avocado’, the LOHAS food that attracts attend recently, throughout the year.
Avocado is the most nutritious fruit full of vitamins and minerals that is almost worthy being recorded in the Guinness Book. The anti-oxidation and skin-beautifying effect is also widely reported in media.
The most popular avocado burger of KUA’AINA is made with meat pattie grilled juicy on lava stone plate with lots of avocado and can give you energy for sure.
Please give it a try!