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3F PIETRO A DAY (Soup Specialty Café & Restaurant)

OPEN 10:00~20:00
(L.O.19:30/Drink L.O.19:30)
TEL 045-620-2160
‘PIETRO’, the popular restaurant famous for its dressing and pasta sauce has produced this brand ‘PIETRO A DAY’ specialized in soup in April 2019.

There are 15¬20 types of retort soup that captures your feeling available.

The restaurant at Yokohama Bay Quarter is the fourth restaurant after the ones in Yurakucho (Tokyo), Mizonokuchi (Kanagawa) and Tenjin (Fukuoka), and it is with the largest one of the same brand series. At the café space in the shop, you can also choose from food menu such as salad and bread bowl together with soup.

Also, through the effort to take environment into account such as ‘Re-Shoki’, making tableware by recycling the clay reversed from disused tableware, we are aiming to establish the brand that is friendly to people’s heart and body, human and environment.

In addition, we are also planning to hold events every month with different topics such as workshop for ‘soup art’ and cooking lessons.

Please have fun!